mandag den 3. januar 2011

The Gorean Grid Wide Hunt!

As always, Possessions is participating in the Gorean Grid Wide Hunt. This year it kicks off at january 8th and lasts until january 22nd
If you haven't heard about GGWH before, it is the oldest and longest running Gorean grid hunt in Second Life. You'll find most of the well established and well reputed Gorean businesses participating, which means you are certain to find lots of good quality hunt prizes!

Check out the GGWH website for more information

Happy hunting!

fredag den 17. december 2010

New - Rustic candles on iron

A large variety of rustic candles on iron are now available. Each candle has 4 prims and no script. I've decided to sell all my lights without scripts as it is seldom people actually use the on/off feature. As scripts add to the ever annoying lag we all battle, it is my policy not to add to this lag if it can be avoided
This is a sample of the candles. Much more can be found in store

torsdag den 16. december 2010

New Release: Animated fans

A few weeks ago I released a new product; wearable fans with 2 animations: a fanning animation for the fine Ladies, and a dancing animation
The fans works with menu on touch, which means you can choose to use the fans without activating the animations
The fans can be used for many dances to enhance the sensuality of the dance. Try out the fans with your own dances as well

This is a sample of some of the fans available
The fans can also be bought without animations at a cheaper price

Dance pits updates

I have begun updating all dance items, and most are done by now. I anticipate the last ones to come in january
All dancepits are now preloaded with 10 quality dances, and a different script has been added to the pits. This means you can now add your own dances as well. A thourough description of how to add your own dances can be found in the content of the pits
The pits comes with two pre-made sequences, and you can make more sequences yourself as well

All lines have different looks to choose from. It will be too much to post pictures of them all here, so please visit Possessions in Second Life to see all the varieties

Bath updates

Most of the baths have finally gotten a long overdue update. More animations have been added, and the menu is now easier to operate
The Roman Bath is the deluxe model with 21 quality animations! Couples can cuddle, wash eachother, give massage, kiss. Friends can sit and have a conversation, bathe individually, or just hang out in and on the bath
If you need a smaller bath, the next 3 versions are what you are looking for. They have 11 of the animations found in the Roman bath, both for couple and single sits but doesn't take up that much space

New releases in December 2010 - Nature Lovers

December has been a creative month with lots of new releases, among other things from the Nature Lovers line

Under the Tree: This palm tree with blanket has 18 animations, which makes it very suitable for many situations. hang out by yourself, with your friends, have your girlfriend dance for you, enjoy the sunset from the tree, or court your Beloved

We also have a simple 2 prim palm tree with 4 seating animations

Sitting rocks: Ever wished you could actually make use of the landscape? These rocks both look great in the landscape as well as offer several seating arrangements. Seats two people at the time, either as singular sits or the couple wishing to enjoy some romantic moments.
Comes in 4 different colour variations

Looking for plain palm trees with no animations? We have that too. They are not new releases, but I shall add one here just the same.
More styles to follow in the future

onsdag den 15. december 2010

Possessions - now on the web!

Welcome to Possessions - my store for furniture and things in Second Life

On this blog you can keep yourself updated about our new releases, updates, as well as special offers


Possessions started back in july 2008 under the name desert~dreams~designs. In 2009 it changed name to Kasbah ait Jalina, until I decided to do away with long names, and simply call it Possessions

I started out by designing furniture and tents. Later followed various outdoor items and dancepits. The fall of 2010 has introduced new lines of items;
'Nature Lovers' - plants, palm trees and various animated seating arrangements for the outdoors
Art - mainly by Jean Leon Gerome
Music - various music arrangements
Meditation - meditation/tai chi and yoga mats, insence, music and various decor

My designs are all original and can best be described as Scandinavia meets the Orient.
I find much beauty in simple designs because it allows the details of careful texturing to create the soul of a certain piece. I can spend a long time on a simple prim piece in order to find the right expression. If I cannot find the expression I'm after, I won't release the piece

I never create with the purpose of maximizing my sales. I only create when I feel creative. This means you won't find new releases at Possessions each and every week. I guess this does not make me a very good business person ;) On the other hand this is your guarantee that I have been very careful about each piece I have for sale in my store

I seldom have time for custom work, but I do offer slight modifications to my products, usually for free. Please contact me inworld if you have any questions about my products

/Jalina Clary

Visit Possessions in Second Life